House Of Moses Suspends Campaign Activities Due To Covid-19

Covid19 Could Affect The Socio-Economic Development and Mental Stability Of Our Target Audience – Triumph Moses

HOUSE OF MOSES has officially announced its postponement of the nationwide campaigns which was expected to kick off officially in the month of March 2020.

It’s no news that the world is in a lockdown due to the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus which has claimed and affected thousands of lives worldwide. However, Nigeria is in a state of a panic as reported cases begin to rise daily.

The CEO and director of HOUSE OF MOSES – Triumph Moses, hinted on possibilities of postponing the campaigns due to the global health crises which would most likely hit Nigeria. In an interview with, he said we have communicated with MiTV, our media partners at Lagos and they have subscribed to the idea of a postponement. We are very much concerned about the statistics of affected Nigerians, we know very well that the outbreak of the COVID19 in Nigeria could possibly affect the socio-economic development and mental stability of our target audience, we are also aware that any attempt to begin campaigns whether online or offline could distract citizens from what is much more important which is the fight against COVID19. Above all, HOUSE OF MOSES is a law abiding organization, we will always adhere to the directives of the WHO and the federal government to support the fight against this highly contagious virus, a new date will be fixed and the campaigns will commence when due.

Engr. John Ibebunjor, the chief consultant and PR of HOUSE OF MOSES, stated that housemates would be challenged physically, psychologically and mentally to achieve their aims and objectives, he also emphasized on the importance of promoting moral lessons from the blockbuster reality TV show.

HOUSE OF MOSES will air on MiTV – DSTV 255, GOTV 94 and STARTIMES 114 for 100 days, the general theme is BRAIN & MIND, the 2020 edition is tagged ULTIMATE SURVIVAL. The country would most likely experience a blockbuster reality concept, a concept that has never existed before.

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