100 days of intensive challenges and bewildering tests, a season long surprise and unavoidable shock, the season will be bringing to your screens complete drama and anxiety, over 100 million people will be thrilled at the expense of the comfort, skill and characters of 26 housemates. Moses will abrogate the sense of selflessness and instill an atmosphere of survival syndrome, making everyone a player and a contender for his or her own interest.

The theme of the HOM reality season 1 is ‘Ultimate Survival’, it promises to be mind blowing.

The ULTIMATE SURVIVAL season will be setting a trend and blazing a trail in main stream media and entertainment due to the special features it intends to promote while being transmitted live to millions of viewers in Nigeria, it has the potential to set the pace and trend of a reality show that has a wider appeal to millions. The initiative intends to implement a standard which we believe millions of Africans have been waiting for.